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Dermal Filler are hylauronic acid  that brings back volume and hydration to the areas in which it is  injected. Dermal fillers are meant to look natural and do present with potential risk just like any other injectables. We ask that you set up a consultation with our provider prior to commiting to the treatment to makesure that your goals aremet and that filler is the best choice/option for these goals to be met.

Fillers last anywhere between 12-18 months and this is dependent upon the area, the product, the indiviudal and the outcome goals. 

Pricing starts at $590 +

What areas fillers are used for?

Client Review

5- stars

Melissa is a magician. She understands how to enhance your features to give an amazing refresh without    looking fake, or overdone. Can't  recommend her enough.

- S.W.

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