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The Bella Refinement Policies


At our Aesthetic Salon, we thrive on providing each and every client who walks through the doors the best possible service we can offer. That’s why we have some basic policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their Bella Babe experience. They’re not rules, they’re just some general things to keep in mind to make sure your experience with us goes as smoothly as possible.



Please be courteous to the staff and other clients at The Bella Refinement and make sure you arrive on time for each appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may have to reschedule your appointment for another time. You may also be subject to a $25 rescheduling fee.


Cancellations/No Shows

Stuff happens, and sometimes you need to cancel your appointment with us. We get it. If you need to cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment, just give us a call or shoot us a message letting us know. If reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment you will forfeit your deposit for that appointment and if you reschedule same day you will also be subject to another $25 payment.

If you cancel your appointment you will be charged $50 as well as forfeit your deposit.

If this becomes a repeated offense, you will not be able to schedule through the website, you will be charged your deposit for service as well as subjected to 50% of your service cost. If it is for neurotoxin you will be charged 50% of your last appointment units. 

All charges (deposit and 50% service charge) will go towards your total at the end of kept appointment. If you you do not show or cancel you will forfeit that cost as well. 



All scheduling is 100% done online. We in the past have been able to do text or phone call messages but at the rate of  cancellations and last minute cancellations  we are unable to accommodate this type of scheduling.

You will pay a deposit for you appointment type. If you keep your appointment we will use your deposit towards your service at check out. 

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