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"Meet the Owner: An Inside Look at The Bella Refinement"

Updated: Mar 18

Hi, welcome to The Bella Refinement. My name is Melissa and I am the owner and lead injector. I wanted you to get to know me a little better, before you trusted me to perfect your beauty. Here’s 10 questions you want to know about your injector and my answers:
Q: Who are you?
A: I’m Melissa, Owner, Lead Injector, Family Nurse Practitioner @ CVS Minute Clinic, Mother to 2 teenagers (16 and 19 years old) Wife of 10 years, Fur toddler mom to a 11 year old golden retriever, cocker spaniel mix and a 8 year old Siberian Husky
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Crafting.. I love to craft just random things. My latest obsession are snow globe tumblers, cause my favorite color is glitter.
Q; How long been doing this?
A: I have been a registered nurse since 2013. I have worked in Head Neck ENT, Neurology, rheumatology, nephrology and emergency medicine. I went back for my masters degree in 2019 at the University of Cincinnati for family nurse practitioner. I started working at a functional wellness/ chiropractic clinic in January where I have been practicing aesthetics among other services. I also work at CVS Minute Clinic. I have been doing aesthetics for about a year now and have recently discovered that its what makes my heart the happiest.
Q. Why did you choose aesthetics?
A: I took a course prior to finishing school because I wanted something to set myself apart from my classmates. Not thinking that it would be something that would control my career passion but it did and it does. I love being able to sit with beautiful clients who need want to find their beauty and confidence. I love being the reason that someone comes in and also the same reason they leave with a big smile on their face and a huge basket of confidence to show the rest of the world..
Q: What does The Bella Refinement stand for?
A: The Bella Refinement was founded in 2022, In 2021 I wanted to brand a company that stood apart from others in its name. Nani Bella was my original choice but it seemed like it would be a little tricky to pronounce. Nani stands for aesthetic in Hawaiian and Bella stands for beauty in italian. I wanted a clinic name that was a little easier and catchy to remember, So I chose The Bella Refinement, The Beauty Perfection..
Q: Do you have any work done?
A: Heck Yea.. I have botox, I’ve done microneedling and I’m getting closer to doing filler just not sure I will be able to do that procedure on myself. I love everything Korean skin care currently and trying to incorporate this to all my procedures and treatments
Q: What's your least favorite procedure?
A: This is actually a tough one. I love lip filler. It's one of my favorite qualities on myself, so molding the perfect lip for a client is beauty in itself. I also love a good glass skin look this is where my current obsession with Korean skin care has come in to place.
Q: What’s your least favorite procedure?
A: I don’t know that I have one that I don’t like the least,Botox is a little more meh for me because it’s not an instant change and I’m so impatient.
Q:: What’s your favorite product for a procedure?
A: For botox I'm actually loving working with Jeuveau, For fillers I like Restylane.The client will get what is the best treatment product for them though.
Q: What’s your favorite skin care brand?
A: I’m such a cheap skate. I did all the drug store brand stuff that I thought made my skin look so glowy and amazing. As I started in the aesthetic business and got older each year, I was able to play with different brands and see what worked for my goals and right now my paycheck is spent on KRX aesthetics Korean based skincare

I can’t wait to have you sit down with me in my chair and help you achieve your goal of perfection…
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