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The Do's and Dont's Before and After Botox Treatments

Here is some quick Do's and Dont's for your next botox treatments to better prepare you for long last and natural looking
Before Treatment:

Do consult a with a qualified professional: Prior to undergoing botox treatment, it's essential to consult with a qualified and experienced practitioner who can assess your needs and provide personalized recommendations.
Don't take blood thinning medications: avoid medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen that can thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising. If you are unsure PLEASE ASK your provider for guidance.
Do communicate your expectations: clearly communicate our goals and expectation to your injector to ensure they understand the desired outcome.

After Treatment:

Do avoid strenuous exercise: refrain from engaging in strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours post-treatment to minimize the risk of swelling or bruising.
Do not rub or massage the treated are: avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area immediately after the procedure , as this can cause the botox to spread to unintended ares.
Do stay upright: remain upright for several hours after treatment to prevent the botox from migrating to other areas of the face.

And remember, make sure you are asking all the questions, no question is dumb. Do not allow the provider ot just say because this is how we do things. WE don't all do things the same. Don't just do your research on botox treatments but research your provider as well. This is not a full list of Do's and Don't there are so many more. Please make sure to consult with your provider before commiting

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