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Neurotoxin (wrinkle reducers/relaxers)

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Jeuveau and Dysport (coming soon) like "Botox" are neurotoxin injections that reduce muscle movement in the face and neck. Neurotoxins are used to treat the fine dynamic (wrinkles seen with movement and facial expressions) while still allowing the face to look natural.

Please note that the frontalis CAN NEVER be treated without treating the glabellar or you will end up with a heavy and drooping lid.

The Glabellar  is the area that is between the eyebrows and gives you that "scowl" look there are 3 parts to this muscle the procerus ( right in the middle) and then the corrugator supercilli and depressor supercilli (the heads and tail of the eye brow muscles on both sides). The average amount of neurotoxin placed in this area ranges from 15-30 units. Men tend to get more due to the strength of their msucle.

 The Frontalis is the forehead area. This is a larger muscle and sometimes requireS larger amounts or not so large amounts again depending on your goal for reducing your wrinkles. The average amount Of neurotoxin placed in this area ranges from 10-30 units.

These are the lines around the lateral sides of both eyes that crease when you smile. This area normally takes about 9-16 units per side. 

With the neurotoxin by area you will geT the appropriate amount to the area that will achieve your goal of reducing your wrinkles.

Average Cost per area( instant $40 off price):

-Crows Feet ONLY-$220

-11's ONLY-$280

-Forehead and 11's-$450


-Full Face-$700 ( includes forhead 11's, crows feet and 2 areas of the below areas)

-Lip Flip, Gummy Smile, Bunny Lines or Chin- $125)

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