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Neurotoxin are treatments used to diminish fine lines and wrinkles to the face. This treatment lasts about 3-4 months (varies person to person). This does not add volume to where volume may be lost. There are some other areas that we can do neurotoxin such as the chin dimples, masseters, lip flips, excessive sweating to hands and underarms as well as trapezius ("barbie tox"). Please note that when your provider is suggesting a certain amount that is to provide you with the best results and longevity of your toxin. If you do not adhere to recommendation please note you may not achieve your results or duration of toxin. 



Sit back and relax with our standar facials . If you're short on time we do have our 45 minute express facial. All facials include double cleanse, dermaplane, serum/essence, facial massage, moisturizer and SPF. You can add on things such as high frequency wand, hydro facial suction/extractions, head massager or hydrojelly mask at additional costs. These facials do not require consultation and is a great place to start when you are new to skincare or getting ready to start a treatment plan for the first time. 


Customized Korean Facials

Our Bespoke Korean skin care facials are geared to target your skincare concerns and compliment our skincare treatments.These facials can be done alone but work best in conjunction with our treatment plans. Your customized facial may be different each month but recommendation is a monthly customized facial when not actively working on a skincare treatment. 

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Fillers at the Refinement are done with dermal fillers or PRP/PRF fillers. We typically do fillers to the following areas, Lips, cheeks, chin and jawline. Consultation is a must with fillers as we need to come up with a treatment goal and understanding of your end goal with fillers. Please remember fillers are meant for VOLUME where it is lost not to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


Skincare Treatments

Our Korean skin care treatments are geared to target your skincare concerns in a series of treatments. Some treatments can be done one time with immediate effects but recommendations are at least 3 treatments. These treatments will require an extensive consultation and a treatment plan to move forward. Some plans will require prep and post care. As always homecare, which is all combined and added into one treatment price.

Treatments offered:

* Spicule Peels, Chemical Peels (Face and body) Micro-channeling, BioRePeel, Anti-aging Treatment, Oxygen/Carboxy Treatment, CryoTherapy Treatment.

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Medical Weightloss

Our Medical weight loss is managed by our Nurse Practitioner and our whole life coach. You will need to set up a virtual consultation with the provider to go over medication expectations, goals and treatment plan. 

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